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wkncntradiction's Journal

its all happening
26 April
24 hour diners, abbey road, about a boy, accents, adeline, adobe photoshop, afi, almost famous, animation shop, bad religion, bands, basketball, berkeley, billie joe armstrong, billy boyd, bob dylan, books, brad pitt, bright eyes, carnivale, catcher in the rye, chess, coffee, coldplay, cometbus, conan o brien, death cab for cutie, diners, dinkytown, dominic monaghan, douglas adams, dvds, eddie izzard, edward norton, elijah wood, europe, fight club, film, france, french, frodo and sam, george clooney, goo goo dolls, green day, greg proops, greyhound, guitar, gum, guy ritchie, guys, harry potter, hating stupid people, hbo, hobbits, holden caulfield, html, icons, igby goes down, image manipulation, italian food, j.d. saligner, johnny depp, jrr tolkien, kate hudson, kevin smith, kieran culkin, kill bill, late night tv, layouts, let it be...naked, lord of the rings, love, michelle branch, middle earth, mike dirnt, minneapolis, monty python, movies, music, new york city, new zealand, nick hornby, nick stahl, nofx, ocean's eleven, one man army, order of the phoenix, palahnuik, paris, paul westerberg, peter jackson, peter krause, photo manipulation, photography, photoshop, pinhead gunpowder, prizoner of azkaban, psychology, pulp fiction, punk, quentin tarantino, rain, resovoir dogs, return of the king, samwise gamgee, san francisco, sarcasm, scarves, sean astin, sirius black, six feet under, skiing, sleepy hollow, snatch, sociology, tea, that 70's show, the beatles, the bouncing souls, the daily show, the frustrators, the influents, the replacements, the two towers, the white album, tig, tolkien, tolkien poems, travel, tre cool, waffle house, wayne brady, web design, websites, wellington